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Power car window repair

If you've ever searched for "car window repair near me" you've found the right power window repair shop.

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We specialize in rebuilding your OEM car window motor.

Our goal is to save you money and having your car windows working again

If your window regulator has stopped working correctly, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

We specialize in power window electrical problems from the window switch to the main harness



A collection of cars we've renovated with passion

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Are you having car window problems? Did you happen to log into Google and search for Car window repair near me, Power window repair near me, or window motor repair near me?

Well, great news! You have arrived at the correct website for the best in power window problems for car doors, window switch issues, window motor issues, and other problems that you may have with a window that moves slowly or is off track.

Our family-owned auto glass repair shop is the perfect solution for affordable window regulator repair, window motor repair, electric window repair, Miscellaneous window repair services, and power window glass repairs in San Bernardino and the Inland Empire.


Our shop has been providing high-quality expert repair services since 2008, and it is one of the first to offer lower prices than dealerships on similar work. Our repair process for power window regulators is so simple. We have hundreds of parts in our inventory to get you back on the road within 45 minutes or less. There are some situations where we may not have the part you need in stock, but our power window specialist staff can help you find the part you need.

After years of experience refining our craft, we guarantee you won't pay a fortune when restoring or replacing your car's windows.

In addition to window regulators and motors, we specialize in window replacements and other auto glass replacement windows.

No need to continue searching for "Fix Car Window Near Me" because we are your final stop for proper power window repair

Stop by our San Bernardino location today!

Ask for Carlos or Raul. Call Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. Our phone number is (909)251-6568

Audi Car Window Repair
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Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
​​Saturday: 8am - 1pm
​Sunday: Closed

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708 w Mill st, San Bernardino, CA
92410 Unit E

Phone Number: (909)251-6568


  • How much to repair car window motor?
    The cost to repair a car power window motor can vary based on the year, make and model of your vehicle. We have hundreds of parts in our inventory which allows us to give you the best price possible. In most cases the window motor repair averages around $125.00 for parts, labor and 1 year warranty.
  • how to put a window back on track?
    There is no easy way of doing this for modern cars unless you have expert level experience. The term off track was related to windows that had rollers for vehicles 1970-1990s. For vehicles that still have rollers, you grab some pliers and compressed them back into place. New modern vehicles have cable style window regulators which in our opinion were made to fail. The window regulator with cable needs new guides and window motor spool in most cases. We can repair these types of damages at Power Window Repair Specialist (909)251-6568
  • How much is a window regulator?
    There are many factors into pricing a good quality window regulator. Here at Power Window Repair Specialist we carry original rebuild window regulators that come with a 1 year warranty for the average price of $125.00 for most makes and models. In some occasions you can find a cheap aftermarket window regulator alone for $65.00 online but you still need to find someone to cover the labor (most places charge $80.00 with no warranty). You save money by choosing our company to help serve your power window needs.
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